Thursday, July 19, 2012

My first 1080p youtube upload

Here is first 1080p video uploaded by me to YouTube. This was first time I was uploading Full HD version to youtube. I was just testing the EOS 550D camera with 1080p/25fps movie mode. The initial part is blurred since lens was put in MF mode. So took some time to focus the subject properly. The subject is nothing special. It is usual scene of dogs playing on the road. In my case it's neighbor's dog and a street dog. The neighbor's dog was tied in front of house since it was raining on Sunday. A street dog came and started playing with the home dog. I captured some of their moments and uploaded to YouTube. The kids near by thought the dogs were fighting. After sometime both dogs got bored and the street dog went away.

It is near 2 minute video which was stored in MOV format. The original was around 620MB later reduced to 170MB using KDENLIVE. The video was converted to MP4 format with same H.264 encoding@12K bitrate and 384kbps audio.

Hope you will enjoy the video! Expect more 1080p videos in my YouTube channel :-). Share if you enjoyed it and comment if you have suggestions.

Watch my YouTube videos here:

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