Friday, December 4, 2015

Customs officer at Shivagange!

Myself and wife were uphilling towards the summit of Shivagange hills. Enroute, she bumped into one of her classmates who was downhilling after successful hike. After routine conversation, he stared at my camera bag. He tangibly warned us to take care of belongings as there is custom's check on the way! I asked him if they would seize my camera as well to which he replied "camera is not problem but make sure your food is right". I was baffled for sometime felt neurotic. This was first time I heard such a strange news. I was also bit suspicious since customs people wont resort to such arduous hike to catch culprits. I thought may be they would check to curb malicious activities like alcohol, drugs etc..

We reached the summit and there is trace of any checks. The place was full of valorous monkeys trying to snatch from visitors. While other animals drool, monkeys revolt :D. They even are well versed to unzip the baggage. They tried mine too and some were aggressively on it. For the first time, they showed in interest in my camera and daringly approached us without hesitation. They spoiled my timelapse capture :(. We had hard time defending our belongings. Remember, there is no justification for the items you own inside the bag. Everything is illegal and belongs to intrepid monkeys :D. They hold the imperium over humans unless tackled tactically. That was the time I realized the custom's officers were none other than Mr.ancestors :(. They were checking each and every visitor (including the ones who were empty handed). Some were strict as well :D.

This guy quite ferocious and seemed like a drunkard. He was growling persistently at each and visitors seeking forcible bribe.



The growl coupled with majestic display of their canine can easily creep you out unless you have some form of firm defence. Even those tricks fail miserably if they are in herd. The only solution at this state is to either flee or surrender

I narrated to my wife the mystery behind his warning :). She also recalled that he was serious joker :). What I admired was his earnest expression while cracking humour which could easily convince listener :).

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