Thursday, August 8, 2013

Savoring taste of Coastal Karnataka - The Gadbad Ice-cream :-)

Coastal Karnataka barely has any winter season (relatively). People will laugh at you if they see winter wear. There is no restricted season where you cannot have ice-creams. Throughout the year people enjoy ice creams very much. Many prominent ice-cream makers are from coastal Karnataka like Ideal and Nature. Among the ice cream varieties, prominent is the legacy and evergreen gadbad ice-cream. Gadbad in Konkani means 'erroneous'. It was started by the owner of Ideal ice-cream chain in Mangalore. It is believed that ice-cream was prepared without any idea and hence the name :-). Ideal ice cream also has the largest ice cream parlor in India housing around 300 visitors. Whenever I get an opportunity, I do visit Ideal ice cream parlor just to relish gadbad ice-cream :D. Nowadays they serve many varieties other than Gadbad. In Udupi, you can get good one in relocated and newly built Diana restaurant situated near Taluk office. Both of the restaurants serve tasty, soft and pure vegetarian gadbad ice cream.  The picture was taken during our visit to Diana restaurant around beginning of June just to have the ice cream. Don't miss the delicious treat if you visit either Mangalore or Udupi.

By the time I took the photo, it had already started melting. It was so much humid on that monsoon day. My father started making fun of me too that I will have Gadbad milk rather than ice cream :-).


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