Saturday, August 31, 2013

Twilight magic at Maravanthe Beach

Yesterday, I was browsing through my redundant hard drive where I backup my pictures. There are humongous amount of pictures and the hard drive is almost full. Will need to buy a new one. The collection had begun way back around 4 years and now it is almost impossible to track where is what :-). My main interests were the old pictures taken way back when I started to shoot some basic stuffs. Even now I am amateur photographer and there is long way to go.

My eye peeped into the folder of Maravanthe beach. I saw this photo and wanted to share. Last year, during our return journey from Murudeshwar, there was beautiful twilight at Maravanthe beach, near Kundapur. Who does not know about Maravanthe beach ;-). The natural beauty where Souparnika river teases Arabian sea in between highway, is one of the wonders of nature. Candid travelers commuting from Kundapur to Bhatkal will have instant surprise watching this combination of river and sea :D and as expected lots of people exclaim too ;-). So here is the picture taken during the twilight time when sky was showing up with bright orange colors with amazing pattern. Hope you will enjoy the picture ;-).

What's special with this picture? There were people which was removed using GIMP re-synthesizer plug-in :-). Do you see anymore ;-).

After few minutes, the sky turned full pink :-) and here is picture. I have shared this in Murudeshwar blog and re-visiting again. I was really lucky to be there when sky showed up with dramatic patterns. The setting was around f/4 and 1/30s I believe for both pictures. f/4 was chosen mainly to grab more light into sensor. The only regret was not capturing timelapse. The sky turning from orange to red and eventually pattern fading away, would have been a great timelapse. Nevertheless, I am happy with whatever results I achieved.

Also, I shot video too which I am re-sharing.

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