Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sunset at Kaup Beach

One more Sunset shot! Every time I visit Kaup Beach, I get to see vivid sunset. That's beauty of nature. It has got variety ;-). During my every visit to hometown, I like to spend 2-3 hrs in Kaup beach without fail (Monsoon season being exception). The lighthouse on rocks, the roaring Arabian sea crushing on the rocks erupting waves, the birds flying with perfect geometry, flying kites, the beautiful backwaters, great landscape, enjoying people and of-course savoring churumuri :D are so much relishing. I love to shoot landscapes so much especially the beaches, western ghats and monsoon rains. I have not stepped into any other sort of photography like portrait or abstract types. Problem with such type of shooting is one needs to have proper setup while in case of landscapes, nature does all set up and you just need to shoot :-).

After so much boring narration, here is the picture! This was captured few years back during casual visit. The camera was canon SX210IS. Wonderful pocket camera which has minimal manual settings. I still have it at my hometown as a quick shooter.

On this day, I welcome the great Portuguese musician SoundLift who returned to trance world after brief exit with great music "Freedom" which is already heard by 95,000 people in matter of 3 weeks. That is his popularity :). He exited the music world with equally popular tune "Alexandria" and now he is back :-). Both the musics are so much enthralling and uplifting. Especially "Alexandria" has bit of Arabian flavor too! Don't miss to enjoy both musics

1) Freedom:
2) Alexandria:

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