Monday, September 30, 2013

Achieving impossible with forced perception -- Squeezing the Sun ;-)

Many people love to take such photos. Such photos are easy to grab too if you maintain certain distance between objects of interest. This is called forced perception wherein something extraordinary shown with the help of few techniques. The main aspect here is that the stronger subject which should be perceived lighter than the main subject should be at far off distance. In this case the Sun is million miles away ;-). When passing time in Tungabhadra river in Mantralaya, a small thought made me to grab such an image. I placed first two fingers of left hand to hold the Sun and the right hand to hold camera. You need to basically set very high depth field and bit of under exposing to properly obtain result. In my case it was somewhere around f/22. The presence of atmosphere clouds properly scattered the sun light to have squeeze look. Finally the high aperture made sure that sun rays get diffracted by the aperture blades to have star-burst like look ;-). The image gives feeling of fingers squeezing the Sun and as a result rays evolved :D. Hope you feel the same ;-). I have tried these many times but this was first successful attempt. In future, expect more of such kinds!


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