Friday, October 4, 2013


The time when flower blossoms; as simple as that. When looking into those flowers, the florescence caption flashed onto my head even though none of them were taken early morning ;-). Here are some pictures (mainly flowers) taken during my recent visit to native village with Canon EOS-550D. Not much text but more pictures!




And some with flash at night.




Finally I bought macro lens and all above pictures were taken with new lens ;-). The lens is Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Di 1:1 macro lens. It is really great lens for its price. I wanted to buy Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM macro lens but it was way out of my budget :D. This lens had good review and was reasonably cheap (not much!). It has very good auto focus during broad daylight but makes too much noise. Also sometimes hunts for focus. The lack of image stabilization is negative point. Hence 1/30s or less you must use tripod. The sharpness is good f/4.0 or higher but not below that value. Some say with f/2.8, you don't need image stabilization but f/2.8 gives you very less detail. Most of the pictures at-least require f/4.0 or higher to have greater detail. Slight chromatic aberration around high contrast regions but not appealing. Even good for single portraits (not group). I am yet to explore it more. Once done, my blogs will be full of insects, butterflies, flowers and may be even snakes ;-). Overall wonderful lens to have in my kitty.

Speaking of florescence, I recall the beautiful florescence album of Slovenian musician Andy Blueman. Really great piece of work. It is so true that music requires awesomeness more than singing and Andy's music is perfect example for it. Just pure instrumental music but never you get bored! As I repeatedly mention, his work  involves intelligent blending of orchestral music and synthesizers with soothing bass (not severe). His music has melodious breakdowns and one can feel the theme of the album. It is very much uplifting to hear such kind of musics. The brief retirement he announced from making uplifting musics has finally broken and he is back making great music again :-). That has really made his fans very happy including me. I wish he continues producing such everlasting music forever.

Florescence mainly consists of 4 musical tracks. Most of them seem similar but their compositions and breakdowns are unique. One can feel his musical intelligence in every track. Hear and enjoy. My favorite is the last one which is emotional mix!

1) Florescence (Intro mix):
2) Florescence (Original mix):
3) Florescence (Epic mix):
4) Florescence (Emotional mix):

Enjoy the beautiful melody of emotional mix from 3:00 to 4:00 as well marvelous breakdown from 4:00 onwards.

Don't miss the preview of his latest work Cydonia:

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