Saturday, October 12, 2013

Time to eat :D

From time to rest its now time to eat :-). Along our journey from Bangalore to Kaup, we had glimpse of everything from beautiful roads to nature and water spots all along. Also some humorous scenes too :-). After finishing tasty South Indian meals at Aditya hotel near Uppinangady , my eyes caught those cattle snatching hay from parked truck :-). There was huge haystack on parked mini truck and it was so much packed that lorry was almost invisible :D. The cows nearby truck started dragging hay towards their mouth and they enjoyed chewing them. The truck driver chased them away but the adamant cattle returned again wagging their tail :D. Who can miss the tasty treat ;-). Perhaps even truck driver would have realised later that there were only few of them and would not affect overall quantity! [infinity-x=infinity ;-)]. Enjoy the pictures ;-).

There is so much to eat, time to attack :-)

Hmmm. So yummy, let me pull some more :D

You had enough meals, now let me enjoy. Do not post this picture in News Paper :-)
I love such scenes and makes me happy too :D. Always be happy in life and enjoy such small things you come across :-). That will keep you always refreshed and healthy ;-).

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