Wednesday, October 9, 2013

HDR and panorama during Mantralaya visit

Here are some HDR and panorama shots taken during our yearly visit to Mantralaya temple. Few years back, torrential rains and floods from Tungabhadra river, had ruined the temple very badly. Later, many volunteers thronged to help in reconstruction of the town including temple. As a result of many years of work, the temple has beautiful look now. This panorama stitch is of temple front view. Of-course one could see barrel distortion and it is expected when you grab panorama shots non-linearly. Even some UWL lenses exhibit this nature but not noticeable as below. Enjoy the full front view of temple.

Evening time, we spent considerable amount of time in Tungabhadra river basin. I wanted to stay till the Sunset and achieved it too ;-). Before sunset, I wanted to grab landscape picture with coracle. As expected, the high energy SUN eats up all the luminosity in picture consequently under-exposing the surroundings. Hence time to grab HDR shot. 5 exposure shot gave me perfect image exposing both coracle and Sun eventually :-).

Next is golden hour picture just before sunset. We were expecting beautiful Sunset, however clouds suddenly turned up and spoiled our enthusiasm :-(. Nevertheless, the nature never betrays. The Sun behind clouds was waving rays through the clouds :-). That created some beautiful colors too! This is perfect for HDR shot. Here is one more 5 image bracketed HDR. I am really happy with the image. The clouds, colors and rocks are perfectly exposed. Also my one more intention was to expose those distant power masts which was achieved in image. The only problematic part is the distant landscape did not come up with good colors. After inspecting all 5 images, I realized more dynamic was required. This is the case where one needs 7 exposures to have great dynamic range. Eventually, I am happy with the result.


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