Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time to Rest

05 Oct 2013

My parents were here in Bangalore for 2 weeks and hence bit of break from kitchen ;-) It was time to drop them back to native village :-(. Never felt 2 weeks would pass so early :-(. Nevertheless, they love the native village than city life for obvious reasons. This Saturday, the return long drive from Bangalore to Kaup with too much luggage :D. Effectively we were 5 instead of 3 :-). This time, father drove from Nelamangala junction till Gundya forest gate. I had lot of room to grab videos and pictures :D. One of the battery drained and other battery almost half used ;-). This time there are drive videos along Shiraadi ghat too! Even though the roads were not good, it was delightful to watch sahyaadri ranges with tons of waterfalls and not to miss gundya river. For few kms, the river follows the highway too!

Around 12PM, we reached Gundya forest gate. Prior to that I had lot of photo shoot as mentioned above along shiraadi ghat! There was slight drizzle at shiraadi ghat and as we neared Mangalore, the clouds opened up with pounding rain. The road was almost invisible for some time. Overall it was smooth journey and we covered in 9hrs (including 90 minutes cumulative break).

Coming back, the dreadful national (notional?) highway along shiraadi ghat was more than compensated by captivating western ghats and gundya river. Father was tired driving and it was time to rest near by this beautiful gundya river and hence the title ;-). Here are two HDRs; one from western ghats and other Gundya river with western ghats at backdrop. Both are 5 exposure bracketed HDRs.

This picture was featured in incredible india g+ page. I am really honored to have my picture in their page :-). That was shared unknowingly among 200,000 followers of incredible india g+ page. Hope you will also enjoy the same.


The shiraadi ghat road stretch is beautiful than Kuduremukh stretch due to many seasonal waterfalls and Gundya river. I am not debasing Kuduremukh ghats, only difference is that road along Kuduremukh ghats does not contain as many water spots as shiraadi ghat. Also do not miss magnificent train journey along Sakaleshpur-Subramanya railway track. One of the memorable journey you will ever have during monsoon season. Also water spots are more along railway stretch than highway ;-).

Finally one of the water spot! There were many but we stopped at only few places. Felt like taking bath but no time :-(.

Two musics this time. 'Time to Rest' by Andy Blueman and the chill-down remix of same by Magdelayna. Both are very good but latter is slightly more soothing than original version. So rest yourself for 18 mins enjoying beautiful music but not more than that ;-).

1) Time to Rest (original mix) - Andy Blueman :

2) Time To Rest (Magdelayna Chilled Remake) :

After small rest, it was time to drive for me before father could lose patience. Consequently drove all the way to our village from here.

So, why take pain of self driving? We have never felt it as pain ;-) It is really joyous to drive CRDi ;-). Apart from this, there are many reasons. It gives lot of flexibility to halt anywhere you wish. Secondly, we can fill in ample luggage compared to traveling by public transport. Last but not the least, traveling by car has proven to be far more cheaper than even Rajahamsa bus for 3 of us. If we include, luggage we had carried, the difference is even more. Only requirement is at-least two drivers are required. Many people have presumption that driving along ghats is cumbersome. But thats not case ;-). Once you experience driving along ghats, you will feel like driving repeatedly :-). Do not miss any chance if you have opportunity to drive along western ghats!

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