Thursday, May 26, 2016

Resting on edge :)

This is daily scene for us from terrace apartment :D. This guy seems to be loving sleeping over the edge of terrace. He is expecting peace here to get rid of any disturbances. Edge, is the best position since nobody can disturb him :). Or may be he wants to enjoy the monsoon breeze barging from open area along road. But not sure how does his manage drowsiness and movements. May be he is always alert. See how is body weight is perfectly balanced :D. Great to see his masterplan. Till date I am really not sure why he chose such a location for every evening nap exactly at 6PM!

Oh what an evening!
Ouch! Who is that damned guy honking? My sleep is again disturbed

Wait a minute! You disturb me honking in evening, I will disturb you howling in night

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