Monday, May 23, 2016

Timelapse collection from terrace (Dancing Stratosphere)

This is my first timelapse collection from apartment terrace composed over period of month. We finally had blessings from stratosphere and over period of month, it rained quite well in Bangalore. Consequently we witnessed beautiful storm movement, golden sunset, colorful twilight saga and why not dancing clouds. The dancing clouds over sky tempted me to name this collection as "Dancing Stratosphere".

Two HDR timelapses are included which I am excited to present as part of this series. You can view from 0:05 to 0:18. It consisted of three exposure sequences. First one with series of [-1,0,+1] and subsequent one [-2,0,+2]. The images were blended and tonemapped with Luminance HDR and final touch with DarkTable.

However, this timelapse series is not of my best. The mini tripod shook a lot and I forgot to enable mirror-lockup for twilight shots. This turned few sequences shaky. Some of misalignment was caused by the mini-tripod due to mounting of heavy 200mm lens on it. The powerful winds coupled with low resistance of mini tripod, turned some more sequences shaky :(. Also deflicker techniques & exposure compensation should have been applied which could have spruced up the video further. Nevertheless, I feel they are interesting to watch :).

Critiques and feedback are always welcome for improvements.


Camera: Canon EOS 550D
Lens: Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4, Tamron 70-300
Imaging Software: Luminance HDR & dark table
Video Rendering: KDENLIVE under Linux
Music: Royalty free music from

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