Friday, May 27, 2016

Skywatch Friday - Kaup beach Light house

Every beach visit is unique and nature opens up with vivid perceptions or did I miss it till date? I feel vivacious during every visit like the energetic sea tides :). This time I had different perception of our beautiful upright (slightly slant) light house with the brimming backwaters. Generally, if tides are low, we witness only sludge on the backwaters. Looks like the energetic Sun in Aries motivated even the sea to fiercely barge towards shore. Consequently, the backwater path was brimming with sea water which perfectly framed my new perception. Also the golden hour Sun waning beneath the boulders created perfect composition to shoot HDR shots. Here are the glimpses for you, shot during one more casual visit to our exquisite Kaup beach.

And as always a spectacular sunset behind the rocks!

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  1. That's a beautiful series of sky shots! I like the sun peaking from behind the lighthouse!

  2. I love this place, haven't visited since long. Your pictures make me want to go there soon!



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