Friday, May 20, 2016

Skywatch Friday - Silhouettes of Padoor

It has been dry days in our village. Despite the intense dehydration and towering humid weather, we barely saw any rain drops from heaven. The vegetation is dried up & earth surface is boiling. We have few useless clouds hovering around morning time-frame which tease away our hopes of rain. The only time to photograph is none other than golden hour. I grabbed few shots despite the busy ceremony schedules. Hope I spruced up silhouettes. Due to dry vegetation, HDR shots looked more bleak which I discarded despite composing. Hope you enjoy the silhouettes captured in my village on a hot summer humid evening!

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  1. Standard but Beautiful captures of the sun..

  2. Delightful shots!
    You may like to also link to the Saturday Silhouettes meme:



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