Friday, May 13, 2016

Skywatch Friday - Home sweet home!

As I have been mentioning, we have quite a long stretch of dry days, turning the vegetation bleak. A fine morning, there was heavy density of clouds in the skies of my village which spurred some hope of downpour. However, our hopes were tantalized and mother nature drew away the thick cluster of clouds away and there was clear sky as usual :(. In middle of process, clouds & Sun were partying in the sky with the clouds diverging Sun rays over the village creating magnificent spectacle. I realized this setup sooner and composed few HDR shots of our sweet home garnished by the playful art of nature. There was happiness after capturing the scene simultaneously disappointment of elusive rains. Hope it rains sooner and blossoms the smiles on the sweat battered people.

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  1. I hope you get rain soon but in the meantime you did a great job of capturing this beautiful sky and the charm of your place.

  2. Hello, gorgeous sky captures! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

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  4. Beautiful pictures, especially the second one. Reminds me so much of own village!

  5. Your skies are full of beauty! I love the clouds and the crepuscular rays.



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